Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair, is a new big sales FULL SIM event promotion brought to you by .: LIKE DESIGN :. & blah.BLAH.blah . This event will be around a couple of rounds in a year…The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair offers shoppers alot of amazing designs all in one place…Items will be marked down by at least 30% of its original price ..We will be having tons of gachas to play with during the event…The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair will be a place where all BIG Brands gather together and stick to help each other to succeed and offer best of what they have to customers..

Its one of the Biggest events around which will be built on our team effort and Designers where they gather to help..

Our LandMark :-


Notice :- We will be deducting more than 50% of the designers booths fees and give them to Syrian Arab Red Crescent thats taking care of the Syrian Kids who been damaged through the war at SYria…



.: NN :. Round 1 – First of July – Ends 22 July –


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